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If you run a business, you’re busy. Like really busy. Women entrepreneurs are doing it all: creating amazing results for their clients, networking whenever and however they can, acting as senior bookkeeper, and directing their marketing strategies. They are                        both CEO and administrative assistant. And on top of this very full-time job, female entrepreneurs are doing their best to balance            running their business with having a personal life. Exhausted yet? Luckily, I’m here to take one (major) thing off of your plate.
I create well-designed, easy-to-use, and easy-to-maintain Wix websites for heart-centered, female entrepreneurs (by women, for women). For most of us, our business reflects not only our passions but also a huge part of who we are. Too often, though, we get overwhelmed with what we "should" and need to do in order to be successful, especially when it comes to our websites. But when we don't present ourselves authentically (when we listen to all the "shoulds"), we wind up not getting the results that we expect, and then we feel bad about our business and what we're doing. In actuality, the problem is that there's a mismatch between what we're showing the world and who we really are. Let's not let our websites give us an identity crisis. Who we are needs to drive our websites and businesses, not the other way around. I believe that your website can both express your unique talents and personality and help you get clear on how you can best offer your services in an authentic and true way to achieve success. My goal is always for you to have a website that makes you (and your visitors) feel great because it works well and is a natural extension of you. When this happens, your website serves as a major catalyst to making your life easier and encouraging your business to flow. 
When you work with me, not only do I handle the digital and creative elements of creating a website, but I get into the nitty-gritty of what’s most important to you and your business so that your website can visually represent that. And aligning your site in the right way so that it reflects who you truly are and becomes something you love to show off (and don't lose sleep over) has far-reaching benefits, including:
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You built your business on who you are, and you're awesome. Let your website show that.
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I'm Jamie, and I create Wix websites. I believe that websites should be a reflection of who you are and a place for you to be authentically you. My obsession with good design began back in high school, when I was editor of my yearbook. Fast forward to when I entered the workforce, and I started to notice that all of my jobs, no matter the position or industry, seemed to have one thing in common: I was always put in charge of updating, improving, and maintaining the organization’s website.


Several years ago, in search of my next step after working for a long time in women’s health care, I was drawn to feng shui

(yes, the practice that believes moving your couch can change your life). I realized that its principles (alignment, balance, flow, cohesion) can be applied to how we design and create websites. My past experiences had shown me how often websites are created without these concepts in mind and how much hassle and difficulty that creates. So, after becoming certified in feng shui, I founded Aligned Spaces because I really believe that we can all benefit from better-looking and better-functioning websites. I’m also a hard-liner in thinking that women should lift up and support each other, so it seemed natural for me to work exclusively with that tribe (#girlpower).


Special skills: power walking, listening to songs on repeat until I know every lyric, and reciting the alphabet backwards.

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